Do It Yourself Guide – Build Your Own Website

build a website and do it yourself

Step 1: Have an Idea

blog-markammay-3-tips-social-network-marketing-2013The first step to building your own website is to have a great website idea. You want to come up with something you are passionate about, or at least interested in to build your own website. Passion and interest are the key forces to keeping your website alive and running.

When thinking bout what kind of […]

Staying Professional in Your Business


staying-professional-in-your-businessOver the weekend I ran into some business drama that I wanted to share with you, today. This is dedicated to staying professional in your business, no matter what your line of work is. But first, I wanted to welcome myself back, since I’ve been MIA for nearly 2 whole weeks! It’s my first time since I started blogging and podcasting at the start of this 2013 year. My reason? I’m getting married!

I was busy […]

Building Traffic to Your Website


building-traffic-to-your-websiteAfter you have your website up and running the next step is building traffic to your website. One of the fastest ways to accomplish this is to hire an SEO specialist, but this can mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get your site to the top of the most commonly used search engines. Now for those of you who do not have an unlimited budget then maybe a few of these website traffic […]

Invest Money in Your Website


invest-money-in-your-websiteSome people run away from the phrase, “invest money in your website” and think that websites are cheap. I once knew a guy who thought websites were free and you didn’t have to market or promote it. Hence, he wanted  free website from me and he wanted it done in a week! oh my gosh, people.

This blog post and podcast is dedicated to showing you how to spread the workload around you, so that you […]

My Website Report – May 2013


This month of May was an interesting month for my websites and I (welcome to my website report for May). I started a new website at, and life is getting busier and busier for me!

I think for this month of May, I was more focused on getting WebCodeCentral up, and continuing to blog and create podcasts here. Scroll to the bottom […]

5 Website Mistakes to Avoid


5-website-mistakes-to-avoidYou’ll want to tune in and take a look at these 5 Website Mistakes to Avoid, especially when you’re first starting a website or have one that you’re maintaining.

These are in order from least to greatest, where mistake #1 is the most common mistake (and the most deadly mistake) people make!

BTW, Today is episode 20, the big TWO ZERO and I’m glad to have gotten this far in podcasting! I have to admit I’m reaching […]

Why You Should Learn How To Code


why-you-should-learn-how-to-codeI started this podcast so that I could talk about building an online presence, without making you learn how to build a website from scratch or learn how to code. I started to learn more about WordPress and how a CMS system could help you decrease development time, and increase productivity. After all with WordPress, there wasn’t actually any development on your end, as long as you used an existing theme and plugins […]

What is Success?


what-is-successWhat is success to you? How do you measure success? Today I wanted to talk about the simple truth about success, and the things we can do to find it. This is an inspirational post, gearing you more towards success, and less on your failures. Remember… success starts with YOU, and how you deal with failures.

It’s so easy to start a website, a blog, or some online business where we spend hours and days and even weeks […]

New Website Launch –


web-code-centralHey there, I’m launching a new website called WebCode Central at, but before I get into that I wanted to give you all an update on my upcoming E-Book that I’m writing called, “Secrets to an Epic Website”.

My new website launch and e-book are both about websites, but my E-Book is mostly about the things to do to improve your site once it’s up.

Currently I have the table of contents ready, […]

100 Website To-do List


100-website-to-do-listIf you’re wondering what needs to be done to your website, or plan on building a website soon, here’s 100 website to-do items (and not-to-do) for you.

This is a precursor of my upcoming E-Book, “Secrets to an Epic Website” where I talk about and dig deeper into the things you need to consider doing to make your website more EPIC.

The following list of website things to-do is more of a guide for you, and isn’t […]

My Website Report – April 2013


My website report: This month, April 2013, I didn’t do any advertisements whatsoever. I started to get busy, you know, with my wedding coming up . My main goal for this month was adding website security and helping others get some sort of back up system in place to […]