My Website Report – March 2013


My website report: Okay, so for the month of March I started to get more traffic and got over 600% more unique visitors than last month. That’s amazing, for my 2nd month! My main goal for this month was SEO and the podcast, Websites Made Easy. I spentĀ someĀ money on advertising, but that was just because I had a free $75 coupon for Google Adwords, which I don’t think actually got credited to me correctly because […]

Top 10 Website FAQs – Your Most Frequently Asked Web Questions


top-10-website-faqs-your-most-frequently-asked-web-questionsHere’s the Top 10 Website FAQs or the top 10 most frequently asked website questions and answers to them.

Hey it’s your website answer guy and today I wanted to discuss the top 10 most frequently asked questions about websites and before even building a website. These questions and answers can come in handy if your someone looking to start your own website, or hire someone and need a template to ask questions […]

Love On Top – Bay Area Filming

Hey everyone! I know that I talk about “Making Websites” all the time, but did I ever tell you that I love filming and editing videos? If you’re interested in video production or the technical “post-production” aspect of things, this blog post is for YOU. Or, if you just want to know more about this music video and how it was made, this blog is also for YOU.

Watch “Love On Top” – Bay Area Filming on YouTube.


Location, […]

Why Blog? How Blogging Can Improve Your Website


why-blog-how-blogging-can-improve-your-websiteNow for the BIG question, why blog? What reason do you have to start a blog, and more importantly how would a blog help you? This is what I want to talk about today, but first I want to read to you the dictionary definition of the word “blog”. According to, a blog is: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often […]

What is Affiliate Marketing – How Does it Work?


what-is-affiliate-marketing-and-how-does-it-workWhat is affiliate marketing and how does it work? In a nutshell, you promote a service or product and get a commission from anyone who purchases it, through your unique affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize on your own website because it’s a type of passive income where you can make money while you sleep. In the most simplest terms, affiliate marketing is just getting paid to promote a service or product to […]

My Website Report – February 2013

my-website-report-february-2013My first month blogging, woo-hoo! I literally started blogging in the beginning of this month, and I knew I had to create content in order to attract even just one visitor! Here is my website report for February 2013.

My main goal for this first month of my new blog was to really just get my feet wet and start something! It’s always the hardest to start something, but once you get going, it gets easier. […]

What is WordPress? Why Use WordPress?


What-is-WordPress-Why-Use-WordPressYou may be wondering, “What is WordPress?” and “Why should I use it?” If you want a quick, effective and good looking website that you can manage on your own, without having to pay hundreds of dollars, then WordPress is for you.

I would have never admitted this a couple of years ago because as a “new” web developer at the time, I didn’t want people to manage their own website; I wanted them […]

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21 Website Myths and Tips to Overcome Them


21-Website-Myths-and-Tips-to-Overcome-ThemHere’s 21 website myths that you should know about, and how to overcome them. All too often, people have these walls that prevent them from starting a website, and I’m here to break down these walls and reveal some website myths.

Ever been held back from starting something due to fears and uncertainties? The very things that makes us cringe or scratch our heads, may be the things that lead […]

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Do It Yourself Guide – Build Your Own Website

build a website and do it yourself

Step 1: Have an Idea

blog-markammay-3-tips-social-network-marketing-2013The first step to building your own website is to have a great website idea. You want to come up with something you are passionate about, or at least interested in to build your own website. Passion and interest are the key forces to keeping your website alive and running.

When thinking bout what kind of […]