building-traffic-to-your-websiteAfter you have your website up and running the next step is building traffic to your website. One of the fastest ways to accomplish this is to hire an SEO specialist, but this can mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get your site to the top of the most commonly used search engines. Now for those of you who do not have an unlimited budget then maybe a few of these website traffic tips might help you to drive those unique visitors to your website, you know, the ones who actually want what you have.

We all know that the more visitors that you have to your site the better your chances are that money will exchange hands so always put your best foot forward. If you sell shoes, then advertise your best shoe; put your best deal out front. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes then that’s what you use in building website traffic.

  • Get into as many affiliate programs as you can, this will allow you to advertise your website on many other websites. It can be in the form of a static banner, or a video, or anything in between, but be sure it stands out and has all of your web information on it.
  • Join in one of the many small business programs that are out there now. These are groups of people, just like you, who join a community-like program where thousands of likeminded people display their sites to each other. These sites drive traffic to your website through other members who visitor your site on a click/share basis. Each time they visit your site, the member who is click is given a credit allowing their site to be visited by another member on the same site. The upside to this is you get your web page in front of thousands of unique visitors each day.
  • Social Media is one of the best and most productive ways out there in building website traffic. If possible, create a video and get it rolling on Youtube and other places that allow video sharing. Start a blog and keep it updated as often as possible. Keep up with updating your Twitter and Facebook accounts making sure to post your website as often as possible.
  • Create a flashy but user friendly business card and hand out every chance you get. Pin the business card to every bulletin board you can. If you can get in the habit of always having a handful with you, you might be surprised at how many people start flocking to your website. Grocery stores, restaurants, and most businesses have bulletin boards for that purpose. Be creative in your design.
  • Advertise on websites like Craigslist and Back page to drive those unique customers your way. Use these types of sites to target your customers because they are categorized and most likely have a heading that you can easily fit into, these are free and you need to keep them updated every day to keep your ad upfront and at the top of their search results.
  • One often unused form of advertising is a good old fashion Billboard. Billboards are what you see while driving back and forth to work each day; the advertising that gets drilled into your head; the kind that you use as directions when you are telling someone how to get somewhere. The right type of billboard, in the right place, can give you unlimited potential in building website traffic for your website.

One of the most important website traffic tips is quite simply to treat every customer like they are your only customer. Repeat customers are the best form of advertising there is… period.