My Web Reports

My Website Report – May 2013


This month of May was an interesting month for my websites and I (welcome to my website report for May). I started a new website at, and life is getting busier and busier for me!

I think for this month of May, I was more focused on getting WebCodeCentral up, and continuing to blog and create podcasts here. Scroll to the bottom […]

My Website Report – April 2013


My website report: This month, April 2013, I didn’t do any advertisements whatsoever. I started to get busy, you know, with my wedding coming up . My main goal for this month was adding website security and helping others get some sort of back up system in place to […]

My Website Report – March 2013


My website report: Okay, so for the month of March I started to get more traffic and got over 600% more unique visitors than last month. That’s amazing, for my 2nd month! My main goal for this month was SEO and the podcast, Websites Made Easy. I spentĀ someĀ money on advertising, but that was just because I had a free $75 coupon for Google Adwords, which I don’t think actually got credited to me correctly because […]

My Website Report – February 2013

my-website-report-february-2013My first month blogging, woo-hoo! I literally started blogging in the beginning of this month, and I knew I had to create content in order to attract even just one visitor! Here is my website report for February 2013.

My main goal for this first month of my new blog was to really just get my feet wet and start something! It’s always the hardest to start something, but once you get going, it gets easier. […]