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How To Build Traffic To Your Facebook And Twitter – 6 Tips To Get Started

blog-markammay-HowToBuildTrafficToYourFacebookAndTwitterThere are so many ways to building traffic to your website to increase your business or blog growth. It’s called Internet Marketing! The use of social media has become the main goal of businesses and personal blogs today. This is because in social networking sites, there are millions of people who are active, sharing and reading content.

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If you […]

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3 Tips To Social Network Marketing In 2013

blog-markammay-3-tips-social-network-marketing-2013Social Network Marketing In 2013 is an essential part of your online marketing and online presence. No, I’m not talking about your tweet about what kind of cereal you ate this morning. I’m talking about all your social accounts that make up everything about…. you.

It’s easy to say that social media is important and that you must have it. But what does that actually mean? What does that entail, and what is […]