blog-markammay-sfHey everyone, I just wanted to let you know what I’m currently doing right now, as far as the web and this blog is concerned! The cool thing about this post is that it’s not necessarily about “How To Do Something”, but more of an update so that you know I’m still actively working on things for you! And by you, I mean my audience, and everyone who reads this.

It’s Kind of Hard: I’ve put in some good long hours on this blog and am getting results! At first it seemed easy, but it’s definitely not.

Why I’m Busy


(Just had a cool futuristic gallery tour and took this awesome #rosetta pic w/pixlr-o-matic! — with Tri Ngo and Caitlyn Arigo at Autodesk.)

I want to write content for you everyday, and I will eventually get there! But what’s happening so far is that I am creating new content for this blog, just not in the regular “written post” format. I’m creating a podcast episode each week, filming and editing a YouTube video tutorial for my 4 part series on “How To Get A Website Up”, and I’m posting on my Facebook Fanpage and Twitter.

On top of this, I have my full time job working as a UI Developer (User Interface Developer) and currently we are working on-site with the client at a large company that focuses on 3D design software. A few of my co-workers and I are divided into different teams within the company to help them get certain web projects up and running. Not only do we spend time over there in San Francisco, but we are commuting from San Jose, California! Not that this is my longest commute ever, but it is a lot further than what I’ve gotten used to. I live 10 minutes away from our San Jose Office, but previously I was commuting about 2 hours each way!

What I’ve Learned from Blogging!

I’ve officially have had this personal web blog for a month now (I started around February of 2013), and have had great results. I reached all my goals so far, for this first month and am ready to push forward into the coming months.

Here’s a brief history of my progress so far:

  • FEBRUARY 3, 2013: I made a decision to convert my one page online portfolio into a blog
  • Created a business blog plan
  • Set my goals
  • Created my first blog post
  • Started a podcast (Websites Made Easy Podcast)
  • Started to create a video series on making a website
  • Watched my Analytics soar slowly but surely
  • MARCH 7, 2013: I am ramping up to post more content! I actually have the 3 video of my series on how to get a website up, already filmed but needs editing.

Setting My Goals:

So far I set small goals. My main goal was to create good content and get some traffic.

  • Get at least 100 unique visitors in one day (DONE)
  • Make a podcast with at least 3 episodes (DONE)
  • Start a YouTube Channel teaching something (DONE)
  • Make at least $1 in affiliate links (DONE)
  • Have at least one guest speaker on my podcast (DONE, listen here)
  • Make at least $100 in the first month in affiliate links (DONE, but my friends helped me, so this doesn’t count)

My Investments:

As you can see, I already made money blogging! But this doesn’t mean I’m rolling in dough. I actually spent a lot of money:

Why Did I Get Ads?

markammay-facebookadI chose to pay for Google and Facebook ads for a few reasons, and I only did this for a short period. The main reason was to test if it worked, and yes it works. But it takes a little getting used to because you really have to think about what to write. I made some experiments and learned a few things:

  • My ads ran better with my face in the pic (Facebook ads)
  • My ads with me wearing a tie got 40% better results (Facebook Ads)
  • Putting the words “FREE” and “WEBSITE TIPS” in my ads got okay results (Google Adwords)
  • Putting just my logo did terrible
  • Putting text that said, “learn how to make a website” did terrible as well

Next Move?

My next move is to finish the 3rd video on my series on how to get a website up, and start writing my first E-book, that will be totally FREE!

March 2013 goals:

  • Get an average of at least 100 unique visitors a day
  • Create my first ever e-book and give it away for FREE
  • Continue podcasting once a week
  • Finish my 4 video series on how to get a website
  • Get at least one unique subscriber to my emailing list (please be that one! Subscribe on the right side =>)
  • Create ways to get people to subscribe to my emailing list
  • Get at least one more review or rating on my iTunes Podcast page

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