How-Do-I-Get-A-Website-Complete-Step-By-Step-Website-TutorialHere’s a step by step guide to “how do i get a website” and in this tutorial I have 4 videos to teach you what to do. First, get a good web hosting service that gives you a free website domain name, and has a one-click WorsPress install.

Ok, so you wanna get a website up? Great idea! You’re pretty smart! This “Epic Post” is dedicated to getting you there, from point A to point D. Why only to point D? Because getting your website up and running is just the beginning, mate! I don’t normally say “mate” but it sounded good when I wrote it… Anyways, back to making your website.

If you’ve never made a website before or never really “owned” a website before, then this is the right place for you! And if you’ve dabbled in website creation in the past but want to get more “into it”, then this post is also for you. There are many reasons why having a website up is beneficial, and I’ll tell you exactly why.

MVA (Most Valuable Advice): If you own a business or want to get serious about whatever you do, you need to have, and own your own website. My advice is to host your own website (exactly what this whole page teaches you!) instead of relying on a company to give you free or limited control. To read more about the difference between owning your own website versus renting it, read or listen to this: Owning v.s. Renting Your Website.

Benefits Of Owning A Website

When I first created, I never thought I’d be writing about the web and answering the big question, “How do you get a website?”.  It first started as a portfolio website where I showcased my web design and UI (User Interface) skills. Fast forward to years later, I launched this blog and it was very easy for me to show up in the search engines because well… my website has been up for years already!

My point is, if you have an idea for a website, buy it now and build it. What’s the wait? Money? Not sure if your idea is good? Because I guarantee you that if you wait too long, someone else is going to get a head start. Buying a domain name these days are cheap ($1 for the first year), and so is web hosting ($3.95 a month or less).

By building your website now, you are (click to expand)
  • Reaching out to people around the globe, 24/7
  • Building your brand online
  • Creating an archive or digital trail of your self, brand or company
  • Helping other people find you
  • Leveraging the web to spread the word
  • Connecting with people whom you’d never even think of
  • Keeping up with your competitors
  • Sharing content with people who would benefit from your services or products
  • Gaining the ability to make money even while you sleep
  • And the list goes on…
Here's a few benefits I've experienced with my website (click to expand)
  • Increased traffic when I started this blog (so far, most traffic come from SEO, Facebook and Direct traffic).
  • Higher volume of recruiters and potential employers (usually coming from my LinkedIn)
  • I was approached by a T.V. Show producer to air a portion of an amateur YouTube video I helped create and edit (aired on B.E.T.)
  • Ability to properly brand who I am, as well as position myself as an expert in my field
  • Freedom to show my creativity and personality
What I will do with my website (click to expand)
  • Help people like you on getting their online presence up
  • Teach others to build a brand and not just a website
  • Reach out to more people then I can imagine
  • Gain more insight on what I love most
  • Gain a following and continue to give out useful content

 The Step-By-Step Website Creation Guide

Now before we dive directly into this and answer the question, “How can I get a website?”, I first want to stress that in order for you to be successful with your website and online presence, you’re going to need to…


And what I mean by that is, it’s NOT enough to just make a website. You must cultivate it and take care of it. After this tutorial, I encourage you to explore the rest of my blog and ask questions about, well anything! Also, I highly suggest you subscribe to my podcast Websites Made Easy with Mark Ammay, and you can find all the information in that link.

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Overview Of Starting A Website

In general, here’s how to get your own website and own it. You first need to think of a good domain name and choose a good web hosting company to host your files. Lets say you want the domain name, – so you would type that in your browser’s URL box and see if someone has already chosen that name. If the website is not found, you could do an official search to see if it’s taken already, by going to (Here you would enter the domain name and hit enter to see if it’s already taken).

Now once you’ve figured out if your domain name isn’t taken, you should purchase a web hosting plan. Now the reason I didn’t tell you to buy your domain name first, was because most Web Hosting Services give you a FREE domain name registration with the purchase of one of their plans. I know at least that IX Webhosting does this!

Purchase a web hosting plan and then register your domain name with them for FREE. Once you have that, you will want to install WordPress so that you can easily manage and edit your website on-the-go, from any computer.  [ Related Article: What is WordPress – Full Explanation? ] This also allows you to create a website without having to code from scratch, or hire someone to do that for you.

But once you have WordPress up, you’ll still want to style your website, by using a theme. You can purchase a premium theme from or you get a FREE one to start off with. I suggest purchasing a premium one, so that you have full control and more options for your website. The price ranges from $15 – $55 or so, but definitely worth every penny. By the way, any theme you choose ha the ability to be customized.

Once you have your website customized and styled as you imaged it, it’s time to promote and launch your website. You will need to leverage online marketing and social media to get the word out, as well as good old fashion ways such as printed promotional materials (depending on your business plan). The promotion and marketing of your website is the most crucial aspect, and this is were most people fail. If you sign up for my Newsletter, I’ll give you a FREE copy of my upcoming E-Book on how to get your online website and business to the next level!

I’ll also be talking about Online Marketing and promotion in my Websites Made Easy Podcast, so be sure to tune in, and give me a rating and review on iTunes!

3 Things To Have Ready Before Starting

Before starting the video tutorial series on getting your website up and running, you’ll need to have the following ready, in order to speed up the process.

  1. Have a domain name in mind that isn’t yet available!
  2. What’s your budget? I recommend purchasing your web hosting at a minimum of two years! And keep it on auto-renew. The worst thing you want is all of a sudden your site goes down for no payment! Just so you know, expect to pay at least $94 or so, for a two-year plan. This is normal, and that comes to $3.95 a month (skip that Latte from Starbucks).
  3. Have a website design in mind! My suggestion is to search “WordPress” themes from so you know which theme you want to have (all very customizable). Or technically, you can wait to get your WordPress site installed, and you can browse the FREE themes for practice.

Quick Website FAQ’s

How much money will it cost me?
Web Hosting + a FREE domain name is as low as $3.95 a month. That’s it! Everything else is your decision, and just to give you an idea: Premium WordPress themes range from $15 – $55 on, and then optionally you can get logos, stock video, graphics and audio from them as well! Well, themeforest partners with other services or they own other services for you to use. I personally have purchased stock photo from, and some music from
How long will it take me to make my website?
Usually going through the process of purchasing a web hosting plan, registering a domain name and then installing WordPress takes an average of 2-3 hours total, depending on how fast you are, and how “ready” you are. The longest parts tend to be things you are picky about, such as the design, look, and details. But you can easily go past 24 hours making your website from start to launch! I know it took me a good solid week or two, to fully have everything dialed in for launch! But the bare bones is 2-3 hours to just get a site up for you to start.
Should I hire a web designer / developer?
Only if you feel like you need to. My whole website is dedicated to teaching people how to do things on their own, and this includes building websites. But if you feel you need extra help, feel free to contact me or go and hire others from,, and I have purchased a logo before, from a local Graphic Designer I know (for
Can I pay you to make my website?
I’m already telling you everything for FREE, but if you still want me to help you, I’m willing to negotiate. But I highly encourage you at least try to do things on your own, so that you know the process before shelling thousands of dollars to a professional, like me. Just tying to help you succeed! Plus I am very busy already, with providing you quality content on this site.
Can't I just get a totally FREE website through those FREE site builders?
No! If you’re serious about building a brand online, these free services won’t give you full control over your online presence, even with their premium paid services. Your site could outgrow them by traffic, you may want to expand your website ability, they may force you to use their own templates (not WordPress), and they may even go out of business.


Video 1: Purchasing Web Hosting with FREE Domain Name

In this video I walk you through the whole process if choosing and purchasing a web hosting plan, and why you are choosing it. I also show you how to get a FREE domain name registered with your web hosting plan, through IX Webhosting.

Video 2: Installing WordPress and Navigating IX Webhosting

Video 3: Free WordPress Theme

Video 4: Coming Soon!