blog-markammay-HowToBuildTrafficToYourFacebookAndTwitterThere are so many ways to building traffic to your website to increase your business or blog growth. It’s called Internet Marketing! The use of social media has become the main goal of businesses and personal blogs today. This is because in social networking sites, there are millions of people who are active, sharing and reading content.

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If you want to have a successful business model using social networking sites, you need to start building traffic to your Facebook and Twitter ASAP! But the big question that most people ask is how they can build more traffic to their social networking sites. Here are some of the simple tips that you can do to help you build traffic to your Facebook and Twitter.

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Did You Know: Over 90% of either Facebook, Twitter or other Social Networking accounts are abandoned within the first year. This is due to people creating dummy accounts, getting banned, or simply getting tired of posting content. Don’t be this statistic!

Traffic Building: Facebook And Twitter

  • Create Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account – you need to make sure that you have Twitter and Facebook Fan Page first. You can name your Facebook and twitter account after your business name, or any desired name that you go by (just make sure to stick with it!). In creating an account, you should make sure to provide the important details regarding your personal / company and the products or services you are offering.Side note: A Facebook and Facebook Fan Page are different. You will want a fan page so that you can see statistics on your page as well as have the ability to have unlimited fans (as opposed to a normal Facebook account which has no stats and limits your friend count).
  • Invite Friends – once you already have the account, you need to start inviting friends. You can start from your friends and tell your friends to invite their friends too. You should make sure to invite friends that are on your target market list. If your products are for adults, then you need to make sure that you invited a lot of adults. Basically, there are two basic types of “friends” or “fans”, and that’s either random friends, or targeted friends.You can aim to have high numbers of friends but risk having low participation rates (due to the lack of real interest in your subject), or you can aim to get more targeted friends (the ones who truly benefit from what you have to offer, thus getting more active friends).In the beginning, it’s okay to have random friends just to get your numbers up, but later on you will definitely want to have targeted friends to maximize your ROI (Return Of Investment) and avoid wasting time and effort on random people who are not really interested. See Step 4, for more info on targeted friends.
  • Find time to communicate – you also need to find time to communicate with your Facebook and Twitter friends. This way, they can ask some questions regarding the product or service that you are offering. If they have something that they want to know, they don’t need to wait for a long reply. Through communications, you can also share some facts regarding your business.
  • Focus on your target audience – make sure that you always focus on your target audience. You can invite and communicate with all of them when you have the time. Also, knowing your target audience will save you time in the long run, so that you can invest more into people who truly care. It is better to have a few “best friends” or “targeted friends” than to have many friends who don’t really care!
  • Create blogs, posts and / or videos on your social media sites – by creating blogs, posts and videos on your account, you can attract more possible customers. They will be tempted to check your account because of the advertisements and wall posts that you are creating (as long as your advertisements are targeted for them and truly helps them).
    Now there’s a difference between creating content, and creating “real” content. What I mean is make sure you create great content to help your target audience, and avoid “fluff” as much as possible! In doing so you are doing everyone a favor and remember, quality over quantity!
  • Make sure to have an organized website (and Facebook / Twitter) – people are not interested with sites that require them to make so many clicks. They need an instant answer to all of their questions. Once they enter your site, you need to make sure that with just one click, they will already know your business and the products or services that you offer.
If you can follow these simple tips, then you are sure to build traffic to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You will surely get the attention of the people around you and in other social networking sites. You can then expect higher traffic to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is the fastest and easiest way of advertising your business on the internet!