How-To-Search-Google-3-Basic-TipsHow to search Google? Easy, just type what you’re looking for and voilá! That’s very true, but I wanted to give the 3 basics on how to search Google, just in case you missed it! 

True Story: Some girl came up to me one time and asked if I knew what days the moon would be full this week. What the heck? I don’t know, I told her to Google it and she said that would take too long. So I told her I would Google it for her, so she waited… and I sent her this link.

The 3 Very Basic Tips To Google Searching

Watch my video to see a demo of these 3 steps, plus my bonus tip at the end!

  • Tip #1: Do an Explicit / Exact search ( ie. “ideas for a website” )
  • Tip #2: Try doing a site search ( i.e. how to make brownies )
  • Tip #3: Use Google search as a calculator, spell checker, and more!

Watch Video: How To Search Google – 3 Basics