Make-Money-Online-With-Your-WebsiteEpisode 7! woo hoo, and I want to point out that it’s been 1 full month of my personal blog being up. Yes, I’ve had my domain name for years, and it used to be a one page portfolio site, but I just turned it into a living and breathing blog in the beginning of February of this year (2013). Why? To do exactly what I’m doing right now, help people like you get your website up and build your online brand.

A word of warning: When someone asks me how to make money online, I always ask them, why? Why do they want to know, and what’s their purpose? To me, it’s like someone saying, “how do I get a job and make tons of money?” That isn’t that smart IMO, because doing something for the sake of the dollar isn’t a good long-term investment. If you have something behind your intentions such as passion or excitement to back up why you want to make money online, then awesome. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Summary Of What We Talked About In Episode 007:

In last week’s episode, we talked about redesigning your website with my guest speaker Stephen Anadon, and he shared some insight on his process. Now today, let’s answer a question from my Facebook Fanpage by a guy named Ronnie, and he writes:

>>>>> “Any free ways to make money from home/good, serious money/ways that don’t cost etc?….I’m lost in this type thing but always tried to do it but never made any money….affiliate things etc….thanx…”Ronnie

First of all, I would ask you, “what affiliate links were you actually using, and what was your website about? Also, how long did you try it?”

  • It hugely depends on your niche or topic (your affiliate links must match your website’s purpose, i.e. you can’t talk about weight lifting and then promote affiliate links about flowers and gardening)
  • It depends on what you were doing with the site? (did you put up a few dozen blog posts and then stop? Did you have a following or barely any real traffic? They key is high volumes of traffic in order to be successful with affiliate links)
  • Why did you quit? (did you just give up because you didn’t see the results? Or did you actually take the time to tweak your techniques and try something else to make it work? Most people QUIT right before they were about to make it).

Now I want to address the “free ways” to make money that don’t cost anything – well nothing is totally free. You will need to invest in something to gain anything, and that’s just the nature of entrepreneurship. Now some ways are “cheaper” and only cost you time and effort. Here’s some examples:

  • Idea 1) You can possibly do surveys for free, and get a small amount of cash. I haven’t tried this myself, because it’s not a continuous flow of cash and you must repeat this step like a robot.
  • Idea 2) If you are great at photography, you can sell your photos online, a stock photography! In a nutshell you’d just upload high resolution photos online, and reap the rewards by sitting back.,, and
    This applies to stock video you may be able to produce, music and audio clips you want to make a profit from, and even graphic designs. (I buy stock images, and audio from, and my subscription allowed me to download images at 50cents each, all n the highest quality possible).
  • Idea 3) Make a website and get paid depending on how many visitors you can get on your site. This is my choice, and I’ll explain the steps now.

How To Make Money Online

  1. Start A Website! 
The first step is to start a website. This is your initial investment, and it’s a must-have. You need a “home-base” where you direct all your traffic to, and you should have complete control over your website. If you don’t already have a website, I recommend visiting my “How To Make A Website” tutorial so that you can get started right away! (step by step guide on setting up your own website that you can own, style, and build your online brand)
  2. Build Traffic and Your Build Your Brand. 
Get traffic to your website by offering free quality content. Why give away free content? To gain trust and authority with PEOPLE, so that they can eventually help you make money. You can gain traffic by people sharing your stuff and being visible to Google. One of the best methods to gain traffic is through a blog, because Google loves to see new content all the time, and so do PEOPLE. 
A great blog and mentor is a guy named Michael from He talks about your “Platform” and how to leverage it to gain visibility in a noisy world. I will be purchasing his Audio book (Platform – get noticed in a noisy world) from, AND for my listeners out there, Audible is offering a free audiobook download with a free 30-day trial! You KEEP the audio book ofcourse! I’ve already bought dozens of books, and its a great way to learn as-you-go. If you want my complete honesty, I am currently on this step (it’s my first month at my own blog at
  3. Monetize
! Now this step greatly depends on step 2, meaning if you don’t have many visitors on your site then don’t expect to make a dime. The key is really step 2, getting massive traffic on your website.

To monetize I’m going to give you some ideas on what you can do

  1. Monetization Idea 1) Google Adsense
    If you can get thousands of unique visitors  each day, consider this way of making money! The more eyes = the more clicks = more money. The flaw is that you seriously need massive amounts of traffic and people may click the ads and leave your website.
  2. Monetization Idea 2) Affiliate Links –
    You still need a lot of traffic, but if you select only the best affiliate links that compliments your website and helps your visitors, then you don’t need a ton of people. You just need take care of your visitors when they have questions about the products or services they buy, as well as really market your affiliate products. This is my choice, and to be honest with you, so far I’ve made about $164.10 in affiliate earnings in my first month, but those were from friends that I know! Later on, you can make way more, depending on how many people use your affiliate links.
    My mistake on one of my websites was I thought that I could get money even with just a few visitors. I thought that just by simply putting links up, people would all of a sudden be compelled to click and purchase what I had to offer. But that wasn’t the case, and I quickly lost hope.
    My affiliate links can be found in my Resources page.
  3. Monetization Idea 3) Amazon Affiliate Links
    I put this in a separate category because it’s kind of different. I’ve heard that the earnings are actually pretty low here, but if you have a review site (where you talk about and review products) this can really help you. Let’s say you have a DSLR camera review site, and you had a few articles on the Canon 7D and how it compares to the Nikon D7000. If a visitor reads your reviews about these DSLR cameras, and then clicks on the Amazon ad that has a DSLR camera on it, and buys it – guess what? you get a commission! And that’s not just if they buy that Canon 7D or Nikon D7000, it’s their whole shopping cart at that time!
  4. Monetization Idea 4) Sell Ad space to companies
    Now I’ve never done this, but you need a good reputation already and traffic, to ask for this. Advertisers will pay big bucks (monthly) to put ads in your site IF you have a lot of traffic in their field. The more well-known you get, the higher you can charge.
  5. Monetization Idea 5) Do Webinar Meetings
    You can setup online webinars for pretty cheap, or free, and you can teach others how to do something for a price! Or you can do it for FREE (which people love, and what I PREFER), and in the end, say something like, “You can already start implementing everything we went through in this seminar, but if you’d like a more in depth look, you can buy my ebook, or other service or good”.. but the key is to first teach them something that they can already implement and see RESULTS, and then those who want more, will go further with you and purchase the bonus things that you have.
    In all honesty, I need to experience joining in on a live webinar, and Ive been meaning to. And one day, I’ll be presenting my own live webinar to you guys! Lewis Howes has a great book: Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide. Check it out!
  6. Monetization Idea 6) Have Your Own Product
    Produce a downloadable e-book or other virtual good, and sell it to your audience! It’s highly recommended you already give away free content, because people like free stuff, and if they want to take it a step further they can purchase your e-book, and so forth. This is the route I’m choosing as well, but I am not at this point yet because I have not created a virtual good! In reality though, I plan on giving away my first e-book, and then eventually sell an e-book after that.

Summary: We talked about the possible ways to make money online through your own website, and it sum it all up, we found out that the key to monetizing and making money on the web is by having a following and good traffic going to your website. This will enable us to either get paid by impressions and click through Google, through promoting affiliate links that are useful to our audience, through Amazon affiliate links, selling ad space to others, doing your own live webinars, and creating your own virtual product. We can do all of these or pick and choose, but my advice is to stick with 1 or 2 first, and see how that goes. It’s really up to you, and overall, don’t get discouraged!

I stumbled upon a website called and its by a guy named Chris Guthrie,  and I’m actually subscribed to his email newsletter to learn more about his 10 day free course on how to make money online. In this course he teaches you how to research your target audience (remember this is the most important piece of the puzzle in making money online – massive, targeted traffic). He also teaches you how to write content for your site (this is the thing that Google loves, and so do people). And also how to get traffic to your website and then make money.

One of the reasons why I like his site and his advice, is because he has a similar background as me, in that he started creating websites at first, and after 4 years later he started “Getting it” and understanding how to make money online. I would urge you to check out his podcast, and this is who I’m currently following at the moment.

An Important Topic

Now that we talked about the different ways to monetize on the web, I want dot share a very important topic – We CANNOT miss mentioning the power of email marketing when it comes to making money online, and if you want to make real money, its truthfully in the list – as in your EMAIL LIST! This is that box on the right side of my website and most other websites out there, and also at the bottom of many posts, where it asks you to subscribe to their newsletter. This list is crucial and without peoples emails, you can’t get too far into making money online. WHY? Emails are very private, and whats the first thing people check in the morning? Email! If you can tap into people emails, than there’s a good chance you can reach out to them, without them going to your website. Plus, this beats purely using Facebook or other social network in that it’s not dependent on those 3rd party services, and in case those companies or networks go down, you will still have your email list.

I recommend Aweber for managing your email newsletter and campaigns, and you can check them out at . They do have a free month trial, and then a fee after that. But a free emial marketing service you could use is mail chimp. This is great to stat out with, but if you ask all the bloggers out there, they choose Aweber especially because of their affiliates capabilities.


  1. Start a website
  2. Provide useful and fresh content
  3. Choose your platform for making money
  4. Stay current and keep on learning from (Michael Hyatt, Chris Guthrie, listen to podcasts like this one, and overall don’t give up!

If you want to ask me a question about this episode, or just have a comment, leave on below.
Thanks for tuning in, and see you next time on the Websites Made Easy Podcast!