making-time-for-your-businessThis week I dive into “making time for your business or personal website, and tackling some issues that end up preventing us from achieving our main goals. I talk about identifying what’s “really” important to building your brand, versus what’s just in the way or fluff talk. Doing what you need to do in the shortest amount of time is ideal, and wasting time trying to multi-task and dong many things at once can be wasteful. I also mention some resources you can check out to help you in your journey to freeing up more time for your business while still getting things done the right way.

Awesome Advice: SLEEP is your #1 friend! Yes, I know you’re super excited in building your business, but in managing your website or business the right way, it’s best to get as much sleep as possible! You will see the difference when you get 1-2 hours of sleep a night v.s. 5-8 hours!

Summary Of What We Talked About In This Episode:

  • Understanding what’s REALLY important and ignoring the rest
  • Family first, and block out times to make it a point to keep your business on hold, while you’re with your family.
  • Do what’s most important, and identify the “distractions” while you work
  • Take action, and actually DO IT. Just DO IT!
  • Set goals and a deadline. Hold yourself to this deadline and really figure a way to make it work.
  • I also talked about my workflow and how I make time for what I love to do
  • I rap in the end


Resources I Recommend:

  • Audible.comDownload a Free Audiobook. Start Your 30 Day Free Trial with Today A great place to download audio-books about 100’s of different topics from business, to personal, self-motivational, entertainment and the best part is you get a FREE 30-day trial where you can download a FREE Audio Book!
  • 4Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris (The Extended and updated edition) – This book is about outsourcing your life and gaining back the time you need to actually, well live it! Great to learn about different tips and tricks to maximize your business with minimal effort.
  • I have not personally used these resources since I am a web designer / creator myself, but I suggest:,, and

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