My website report: This month, April 2013, I didn’t do any advertisements whatsoever. I started to get busy, you know, with my wedding coming up [Watch My Save the Date Trailer I created – YouTube]. My main goal for this month was adding website security and helping others get some sort of back up system in place to backup their WordPress website.

My Analytics & Stats

  • Month: April 2013
  • Total Unique Visitors: 5,453 vs 3,243(last month)
  • Average Unique Visitors Each Day: 181 vs 108 (last month)
  • Total Pages Per Visit: 1.30 vs 1.31 (last month)
  • Average Visit Duration: 1:17 vs 1:05 (last month)
  • Bounce Rate: 84.6% vs 85.04(last month)
  • New Visits: 89.5% vs 90.79% (last month)


– I received 68% more website traffic (mostly from this post)

– Started to get more comments, personal messages from others, and website questions from people.


– Nothing too bad this month, considering my goals.


How Much Did I Earn?

I earned a total of $50 in the month of April, from someone signing up for web hosting (my recommendation / affiliate link).

How Much Did I Spend?

My expenses were (Note: the following are estimates):

Website Traffic Overview

Around 81.3% of my traffic is coming from Google:

  • Search Engines: 79.3% vs 81.3% (last month)
  • Referral Sites: 4% vs 2.8% (last month)
  • Direct Traffic: 16.7% vs 16%(last month)

Top 3 Landing Pages

The 3rd most popular landing page was “Love On Top“, which was a post about how a group of friends and I produced a music video from the hit song, “Love On Top”, by Beyonce. We had original vocals, all the dancers practiced for about 6 months (once a week), and we rented a Studio in San Francisco, CA to film.

What was my goal?

– My goal this month was Website Security and teaching others how to secure their WordPress website a little more. After the Brute Force Attack made to WordPress websites (globally), I wanted to make sure everyone was at least aware that they should have a stronger password, better login protocals, and a back up system. Not to mention teaching others how to scan their existing site and add a monitoring system.