my-website-report-february-2013My first month blogging, woo-hoo! I literally started blogging in the beginning of this month, and I knew I had to create content in order to attract even just one visitor! Here is my website report for February 2013.

My main goal for this first month of my new blog was to really just get my feet wet and start something! It’s always the hardest to start something, but once you get going, it gets easier. Here’s my main accomplishments for the month of February 2013:

What was my Killer Advantage?


What has led me to create a blog so fast (it literally took me 3 days total to imagine, design, and implement) because I already spent 1 full month on my old coffee blog at… and also my years of web design and development knowledge + interactive media experience.

This coffee blog was created to initially make money by selling physical goods, but I later found out how much of a hassle it was to get orders, process payments, physically package the items and then pay to ship to the buyers.

Also, the hardest part about this coffee blog was I had zero passion for it, and writing blog posts were getting harder and harder each time. I eventually quit, but I still keep the blog up for future reference.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. How to start a blog
  2. How to get Facebook Fans (I got passed 900 fans in a span of 2 months!)
  3. How to drive traffic to my website, via Twitter and Facebook
  4. How to do Facebook Marketing / Paid Advertisements
  5. How to connect with others online

All of this then let me to my final COFFEE post HERE, and after writing this I literally laughed-out-loud and said, “I’m starting a blog about what I really love, and that’s websites and building a brand online!”

My Analytics & Stats

It looks like I started off normal, and by that I mean, hey, it was my first month ever! So any number of visits is great! My bounce rate was 72.64% which is average for a blog. I averaged roughly 15 Unique Visitors per day – LOL.

  • Month: February 2013
  • Total Unique Visitors: 435
  • Total Pages Per Visit: 1.65
  • Average Visit Duration: 1:25
  • Bounce Rate: 72.64%
  • New Visits: 77.90%


How Much Did I Earn?

I earned a total of $115 in the month of February, but I will admit they were from friends and family!

How Much Did I Spend?

My expenses were far more than $100! (Note: the following are estimates)

  • Web Hosting Monthly – $3.95
  • Separate hosting for podcast – $15
  • Google Adwords (PPC) – $45
  • Facebook Ads (CPM) – $25
  • New microphone for podcasting – $200+
  •  Screenflow for videos – $90

Website Traffic Overview

Around half of my traffic is coming from Google, and then from direct traffic (or people typing in my url in their browser directly).

  • Search Engines: 57.25%
  • Referral Sites: 16.30%
  • Direct Traffic: 26.45%

Top 3 Landing Pages

What’s interesting is that one of my blog posts already started picking up search engine traffic, and that’s my post on “100 Creative Ideas for a Website“. I wasn’t planning this at all, and actually was trying to target a different post for better SEO. But that’s not what happened!

What was my goal?

My goal to start off was to target people who were new to websites or needed a website of their own, but didn’t have the budget to hire a huge web development firm. And more specifically, my goal was to attract solo-preneurs or (solo entrepreneurs) who have a Do-It-Yourself attitude.

But, I knew I ultimately wanted to talk about more then just that topic. I want to turn this blog into a full-service website about all-things web-related. Hmmm… that sounds too broad now that I think of it, so for now I’ll stick to helping out “beginners”.

What I Didn’t Do



Here’s a few things I neglected in my first month, and the first is SEO. I did not do good SEO within my blog, simply because I didn’t really know how! My URL’s were all over the place and were not descriptive at all. I didn’t have any “focus’ keywords, and I didn’t use any SEO plugins fully.

Secondly, I didn’t want to spend money on images for my bog post. This was a mistake, because a great photo can really lead visitors into reading the blog post and even scrolling down further to see more.

And third, I did not use a good photo of me

. At first, I posted a picture of my face with huge aviator sunglasses on (so nobody saw my eyes), and the quality was very grainy (I used a bright sepia-red filter which gave the photo a very abstract look). This has changed since then. Having a well lit photo of yourself, will establish authority as well as set the mood of your blog. It will also give your visitors a first and lasting impression of you and your personality.

  • I did not use good SEO techniques
  • I did not use photos and images in each blog post
  • I did not use a good photo of me

Take Aways and Lessons Learned

So to sum up all the lessons I learned:

  • Start with your passions first, and everything else will come after that
  • Stay consistent – I’ve dedicated a podcast and blog post every week
  • Use SEO plugins to help you (I use YOAST and All in One SEO)
  • Use a good photo of yourself that shows your eyes and smile
  • Use images in your blog posts to draw more attention and appeal