My website report: Okay, so for the month of March I started to get more traffic and got over 600% more unique visitors than last month. That’s amazing, for my 2nd month! My main goal for this month was SEO and the podcast, Websites Made Easy. I spentĀ someĀ money on advertising, but that was just because I had a free $75 coupon for Google Adwords, which I don’t think actually got credited to me correctly because I was still charged. Boo..

My Analytics & Stats

Awesome, after just 1 month I am already on Google’s radar as far as search engine results. I got a ton more unique visitors than last month, and it averaged about 108 unique visitors a day!

  • Month: Macrh 2013
  • Total Unique Visitors: 3,243 vs 459 (last month)
  • Average Unique Visitors Each Day: 108
  • Total Pages Per Visit: 1.31 vs 1.66 (last month)
  • Average Visit Duration: 1:05 vs 1:23 (last month)
  • Bounce Rate: 85.04 vs 71.91%(last month)
  • New Visits: 90.79% vs 77.16% (last month)


– I got way more traffic, more page views and I’m now on Google’s radar!

– On the day with the highest traffic, I got 240 visits compared to 8 visits (last month)


– I have a higher bounce rate, people stayed on my site a little shorter, and the total number of pages per visit was less.

– I got $0 (awww)


How Much Did I Earn?

I earned a total of $0 in the month of March, but I’m not too sad. I wasn’t focusing on earnings.. I mean after all, its my 2nd month! What I like to urge people is to focus on growth in content and engagement. Not just money. Money will come later…

How Much Did I Spend?

My expenses were (Note: the following are estimates):

  • Web Hosting Monthly – $3.95
  • Separate hosting for podcast – $15
  • Google Adwords (PPC) – $60
  • Facebook Ads (CPM) – $5
  • Copyright Free Images (for blog posts) – $60

Website Traffic Overview

Around 81.3% of my traffic is coming from Google:

  • Search Engines: 81.3% vs 57.25% (last month)
  • Referral Sites: 2.8% vs 16.30% (last month)
  • Direct Traffic: 16% vs 26.45% (last month)

Top 3 Landing Pages

What was my goal?

– My goal was SEO – so I went back and optimized my older posts for SEO, by using a WordPress plugin called “Yoast WordPress SEO” and “All in One SEO”.