This month of May was an interesting month for my websites and I (welcome to my website report for May). I started a new website at, and life is getting busier and busier for me!

I think for this month of May, I was more focused on getting WebCodeCentral up, and continuing to blog and create podcasts here. Scroll to the bottom of this website report for May 2013 to read more about why I started

My Analytics & Stats

  • Month: May 2013
  • Total Unique Visitors: 6,600 vs 5,453(last month)
  • Average Unique Visitors Each Day: 220 vs 181(last month)
  • Total Pages Per Visit: 1.29 vs 1.30 (last month)
  • Average Visit Duration: 1:35 vs 1:17(last month)
  • Bounce Rate: 84.23 vs 84.6%(last month)
  • New Visits: 90.8% vs 89.5%(last month)



  • Made zero money (wahh wahh)
  • I haven’t been working on my email marketing
  • I made a big mistake and accidentally let a video ad in Google Adwords run on auto for too long ($300 later…)


Why Didn’t I Earn?

The biggest reason I didn’t earn or monetize on my website this month was because I have not focused on it, and because I still don’t have the “targeted traffic” I need. My blog is about 4 months old, so it’s still in it’s infancy.

  • I need to focus more on promoting through my affiliate links
  • I need more traffic on my website

How Much Did I Spend?

My MAY expenses are (Note: the following are estimates only):

Website Traffic Overview

Around 81.3% of my traffic is coming from Google:

  • Search Engines: 80.9% vs 79.3% (last month)
  • Referral Sites: 2.2% vs 4% vs (last month)
  • Direct Traffic: 16.9% vs 16.7% (last month)

Top 3 Landing Pages

What was my goal? Launch!

– My goal for the month of May was to continue what I was doing but also launch, and now I’m focusing some time on that site as well. It really makes sense for this new website to be born because it’s about what I do for a living: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As a web developer in the industry, it wasn’t enough to just have a website on teaching others how to put up a WordPress website. I needed to create a website that teaches others how to build one from scratch, and talk about the nitty gritty details of web development.

A New Direction

I admit, a few months ago I was planning on creating this website on Online Marketing, and how to make money with your website. Of course, this is still my goal, but I’m a firm believer that you must experience it, before you preach it.

What I mean is, right now I haven’t made much money from this website, so I first want to get there.

I make money as a web developer, I’m not yet an Online Marketer (a successful one at least!). Hence, I wanted to teach other about web development, and also share website tips.