web-code-centralHey there, I’m launching a new website called WebCode Central at, but before I get into that I wanted to give you all an update on my upcoming E-Book that I’m writing called, “Secrets to an Epic Website”.

My new website launch and e-book are both about websites, but my E-Book is mostly about the things to do to improve your site once it’s up.

Currently I have the table of contents ready, the intro and the full outline of what I want to discuss and share. It’s going to be a FREE PDF download, and all I ask for is for you to join my E-Newsletter so that we can stay in touch with each other. You can sign-up for my E-Newsletter on my website.

Also, I already have the E-Book cover design and it’s by Christopher Brizuela who is a Senior Graphic Designer, and you can check out his online portfolio website at

Learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Now when I first started this blog at, I wanted to teach people how to start a website and how to market it. I wanted to teach people in a non-coding kind of way, because I believe that everyone should have the option to make a website even if they don’t know how to write HTML, CSS or JavaScript. That’s why I’m such an advocate of WordPress and WordPress Themes and plugins. And after a few months I realized two things:

  1. There was also a demand for learning how to build a website from scratch (from my audience)
  2. I found myself wanting to write about the technical aspect of developing a website

Let me explain. First, I found that a portion of my audience here at had some interest in building a website from scratch (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), and not just by using WordPress. Some of my followers and readers enjoyed my articles and website tips, but some reached out to me asking about building a website from the beginning.

Secondly, I found myself wanting to dig deeper and talk about things like a new CSS trick I found that week or a jQuery plugin I found interesting. But of course, it wouldn’t be on because that was not my target audience. I wanted to start a whole new website on building stuff using HTML, CSS and JavaScript; ya know, the 3 things I do most, every single day at work and on the side!

Target Audience

If you think HTML sounds boring, or building a website from scratch is not your thing, then my new website may not be right for you. I want to gear this new site to people who appreciate web development and want to take their interest to a whole new level. Here’s what my new website, will be about:

  • Learning the basics of web development
  • HTML5 and beyond
  • CSS and styling a website
  • JavaScript and using jQuery
  • Website tips & tricks (coding)
  • Code examples and a development sandbox

If you’re interested in any of what I just mentioned, then this new website is for you. I won’t talk too much about the marketing aspect of your website, but more on the technical aspect of building a site, using front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Also, it’s good to mention that this new website will be geared towards those who are interested in becoming a web developer in the future. This site will be a great starting point and reference for people wanting to learn front-end and UI (User Interface) technologies; exactly what I do for a living, everyday.

Am I a Web Developer?

Yes! Of course I’m a web developer and for those of you who don’t know me, I’m a User Interface Developer (or you can call me a Front-End Web Developer) at a Digital Interactive Agency in the West Coast. I work as part of a collaborative team and we tackle many different web -based projects from large clients and companies. I work on the look and feel of a website (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). The other kind of web developer is a back-end developer and they work on more of the behind-the-scenes stuff like databases, PHP, Java, and other technologies.

My job as an Interactive Web Developer is to take a mockup of a website (usually created by a Graphic Designer / Web Designer), and then make it come to life using code. HTML is the main structure of the website, CSS styles the website, and JavaScript adds functionality to the site. I also work with other coding languages depending on what project I’m on, but those 3 languages are my strong points.

I’m here to spread my professional knowledge of about 5+ years to the world, and I’ve been entrenched in web development for over 8 years. Yes, I eat, sleep and breathe Web Development, whether it’s coding or marketing my website(s).

What’s Unique About This New Site

One of the things I want to do for this website is to make it more of a practical way to building a website from scratch, and not a 200page book on every aspect of web development. What I mean by that is I want to teach people how to actually build a specific project. I don’t want this to be a “from the book” tutorial site, or a step-by-step tutorial on every website element and attribute out there, because you don’t need to know all of that. In fact, you just need to know a little, to get the ball rolling!

What I want to do differently with this new website is to “cut to the chase” and leave off the SPAM or FAT I see in many blog tutorials out there. Seriously folks, have you ever found yourself listening and watching a video tutorial online, about something important, but you just know that they could have done it quicker? Sometimes I get pissed because I just want to learn something so I end up skipping to the “meat” of the video and I even catch myself using the fast-forward option to hurry it up already! I don’t know, maybe that’s just me but if I wanted to hear the jibberish some people have to say, maybe I’d listen to their podcast or something?

But I know what some of you are thinking… you like the fluff, or you like how some people go into detail about everything. All I’m saying is there are plenty of people and tutorials out there about web development that do this, and I want to do it differently. Or try at least!

Design Really Matters

What I also want to do is really spend time on the look and feel of this new website. Here at I focus more on the content and blog part, and not so much on the images in each blog post. But for I want to make it a point to have great web design as well as great development. What will attract people to this site is not only the content and tutorials, but the design and imagery as well.

Every tutorial, blog post and page will have at least a couple images in them, as well as different colors per category. I’m still setting all this up, but I wanted to share with you all what I’m doing. This new site is geared to launch on May 20, 2013 – Monday.

How Does This Tie in with

Whether or not your interested in making a website from scratch using code, or building it using a pre-made theme from WordPress, I want you to know that both sites share the same goal for “building a website to make money”. Before you get ahead of yourself, let me explain. First of all there are many ways to make money online and with your website. In fact, I tell you some of the options in my podcast and blog posts already (see Making Money Online and my post on Affiliate Marketing).

So how will this new website teach you how to make money? Well, it’s definitely not a “make money” kind of website, but it is a “learn to develop websites to make money” type of website. Do you want to make money on the side with web development? How about learning all there is to know about becoming a Web Developer like myself, and hearing stories about what it’s like in this field? I think this is another unique thing about this website. It’s not just about how to code, it’s about the whole experience and what it takes to launch your new website from scratch.

With that said, there will definitely be some cross-pollination with these two websites, the one you’re currently on right now at and One is about building a website from scratch and learning how to code in different web languages, and the other is about marketing your website whether or not you know how to code.

Will I Monetize on

Yes, I will definitely apply everything I’ve learned, taught and preached about from this website at, to this new website on coming soon, on May 20, 2013. The way I plan to monetize will be similar, but with different affiliate products and services. This opens it up to a whole new affiliate marketing plan, which is very exciting as well as challenging. I want to document my success and failures from this new website, and share it with you all in my website reports I do monthly.

However, money is not my main goal. If you follow my blog and podcast you will know that I’m an advocate of following your passion and interest, not making money. I believe that passion and interest doesn’t always come after money, but money always comes after passion and interest.

I will also definitely add a Hire Me page to this new website, and sell my services. However, I don’t plan on focusing on this portion, because trading hours for money isn’t passive income at all, but  it’s a good supplement. After all, will I even have time to do side work, with my day career and my blogs on the side?

How Can YOU Help?

What I’m asking you is to please give me some feedback on what you want out of this new website I’m launching soon. Are you interested in learning how to code a website? Why do you want to learn how to code HTML, CSS or JavaScript? Do you want to learn this as a hobby, to learn how to fix a few things if needed, or do you want to ultimately make this a career and become a Web Developer?

Comment Below, and I will respond.