Redesigning-A-Website-with-Graphic-Designer-Stephen-AnadonToday, my guest speaker is Graphic Designer Stephen Anadon and he gives us some insight on how to redesign a website through a graphic designer’s perspective. We discuss his transition from being strictly graphics to more of an interactive role and how redesigning his website helps him understand and improve on responsive design as well as focusing more on mobile. Also, we discuss how much a redesign will cost you, and how long it could take for you to have one done.

Awesome Advice by Stephen Anadon, Graphic Designer: Find your focus and your target audience BEFORE you start redesigning your website. You must have a clear goal in mind, so that you aren’t wasting your time and resources.  Also, ENJOY redesigning your website and make it a learning experience.

Summary Of What We Talked About In Episode 006:

This episode is great for those who are either in the creative field who just graduated or thinking about switching to the interactive design field (and wanting to start their portfolio or redesign what they have currently). Stephen and I both attended the Art Institute of California – San Francisco, and although he graduated in the Media Arts & Animation field, he also made a point to be efficient in both graphic design and web design aspects. Now, he is transitioning into the Web Design and Interactive Media Design field to further increase his skills.

He is redesigning his portfolio website at to make it more user friendly, responsive and overall to better reflect his online brand. He is doing this himself, by learning how to code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Why redesign a website? To solve a problem and improve your online presence
  • Avoid going through a site redesign just for the “looks” or “aesthetics”
  • A redesign is to help improve things such as site speed, performance, user friendly, and the like
  • A website redesign may take 1 – 5 months, depending on how complex your site is
  • An individual may take less then a month to redesign
  • A small company may take 2-4 months to redesign their website
  • A large company can take 4-5 months and up, depending on the project scope and complexity
  • A website redesign may cost $0 – $1 million (so there’s really no hard dollar amount)
  • An individual may do it themselves or have FREE resources
  • A large company may spend upwards of $55k to $1 million to redesign their corporate website
  • When redesigning a website, keep mobile in mind and develop with a responsive design
  • Responsive means to have your site able to adjust to any platform, whether it’s a computer screen or a mobile phone or tablet

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