If you’ve ever considered having your own website but don’t have one yet, then I suggest you pursue that thought immediately! Here’s Reasons To Start A Website! Owning your own website is easier then ever, and it’s one of the most valuable things you could own. You don’t even need to have a product to sell, or own a business. You don’t even have to be famous. In fact, you’re probably just a regular person with a normal life and have a Facebook account. So if you have Facebook, then why would you need a website?

Actually, the question is WHY WOULDN’T YOU HAVE A WEBSITE?

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should start a website now, and secure that domain name while it’s still available. You’re life depends on it, seriously.

1. It’s Your Online Virtual Property.

The moment you get your own domain name, you’ve secured an online virtual address that nobody can take. It’s like being able to choose your own home address, and keeping that address for as long as you want. And no matter where you move, people will always find your home because of your address. Now, having your own website is like owning a piece of real estate, only a lot cheaper! Whatever you decide to build on this real estate is up to you, and you could even sell this piece of virtual land or keep it and make money! Having a website is a gold mine. But not everyone knows where to dig.

2. We Are All Going Online.

Let’s face it, every single thing is online now. Everything! You want a movie, stream it online. You want some lunch, get it delivered to you directly by purchasing it online. You want a spouse, bam, online love. It’s all online. If you sell ANYTHING, but aren’t doing business online or have your own website, then you’re going to get wiped out by your competitors. I guarantee it. If you own a business or have a product to sell, you better get online now.

3. Global Reach and Beyond.

If you want to reach out to many people, you must go online. You need to expand your audience, or die! Even if you’re just a local business, you’d be surprised with how many people are willing to travel across the world to get what you have. Or better yet, if you sell your products online, you have the potential to reach out to people who you never knew existed! If you want to grow your business you must expand online.

4. Your Website Never Sleeps.

You could be on vacation, taking a nap, spending time with your loved ones, or travelling across the world. But your website will never sleep. If you set things up correctly, you could have a money generating website that could make you massive amounts of passive income, all the time, everytime. You could create a virtual product that is downloadable, and your online business could be making money while you sleep. You can’t do that with your physical store, even if you kept it open 24/7. People sleep, but your online web store will always be awake and serving people as far as across the globe who are wide awake, buying things and searching online.

5. Online Portfolio.

Are you a creative individual or a person who has a lot to say? Then you seriously need your own website. I’m not talking about just having a Facebook, or online journal. You must have your own website or blog that you own yourself. Because everytime you publish something on your website, you are building your portfolio which is getting indexed in search engines like Google, for people to see. And you own it. The difference between your own website and using free services like Facebook is that at any moment you could lose all your hard work, because you’re using their free services.

6. You Are Adding Value To The World.

The advantages of the internet is the ability for people to learn without any boundaries. Back in the day you just had the people around you and your local library. You couldn’t google how to change your car battery, let alone do it on the fly, like you can now. Owning your own website will empower you to add value to the world by adding useful content that with either help others, entertain them or empower them to do something. In return, you can learn from others who do the same. That’s why you need a website.

7. It’s Dirt Cheap To Make A Website.

Basically, you can make a website on the fly, right now, within minutes if you really wanted to, for cheap. [ Related Article: What is WordPress – Full Explanation? ] You just need to purchase a domain name for a few bucks, and find a place like IX Webhosting to host your website. That’s really all you need to buy, and I’ll show you how to install your website for free:

8. Share With Others Your Story

You can use your website to document your life and share with people what you’ve been through, or are going through. You’d be surprised at how many people you could reach out to and touch, just by telling a story. People love to read stories especially if it’s relevant to them. Owning your own website can give you the opportunity to meet others just like you.

9. Keeping Up With The Next Generation

Truth be told, we’re all getting older by the second. Our kids (or kids in general) are moving at the speed of light and starting to play with the iPad at the age of 0. Heck there’s even kids making apps and mobile games, who still pee in the bed! Having your own website will allow you to utilize technology and allow you to keep up with everyone else.

10. This Is My Passion.

I’ve been a professional web developer since 2008 and have seen it all. But I never actually understood the web until now, and that’s why I’m here to spread the message. If you don’t want a website, that’s a different story. But if you are not sure, or have thought about it but just never made the move, I suggest you try it out. I’m here to help you, seriously. This is what I do. This is what I am.

I think you should get a website. It’s like riding a bike.