blog-markammay-top-tenWhen choosing a domain name for your new website, there are many things to consider. Here are 10 Tips On Choosing A Domain Name: For a more in depth look on how to choose a good domain name, check out the “How To Choose a Domain Name” post.┬áHere are my top 10 tips on choosing a good domain name (from most important to the least).

  • Choose a memorable, brandable domain name.
  • Choose something easy to write.
  • Don’t make it too long, and keep it short if possible.
  • Don’t choose another companies brand name.
  • Be aware of choosing a domain name that people could accidentally misspell.
  • Try to avoid hyphens and numbers.
  • If you want to brand yourself, consider using your name.
  • Use a .com extension, and try to avoid any other extension unless you have a good reason.
  • Avoid numbers if possible.
  • The letter “o” could possibly be mistaken for the number “0”.

Make sure your domain name is easy to write down and isn’t hard to spell. If the majority of your friends cannot spell it, then you may not have the most ideal domain name (until you get big and it becomes the norm). Try to avoid hyphens because people may forget to type it, and may end up somewhere else. Use .com, because that’s what people are most used to. Use other extensions with caution! And finally, be creative and choose a memorable domain name!