blog-markammay-website-tips-2013In 2013, there’s a few major and minor tweaks needed in order to successfully have a website stand out from the crowd. Here’s Website Tips for 2013. Although it’s just another year, it’s always a great time to sit back, relax and think about what lies ahead. After all, it’s the time when people start their New Year’s resolution plans, again, and start their lives off with a big bang. So why not do a few things to clean up house−on your website?

Below is a 2013 Website Forecast on the top things we all will need to change, tweak, or at least consider while moving forward with our online lives. It’s not enough to just have a website up, remember, we must grow and prosper or wither and die. We must evolve somehow, adapt and survive this wicked virtual world!

Top Tip of the Year: For 2013, I suggest you review your website or blog carefully and make sure your content truly has value for your viewers. We’re moving towards “Real Value” now, where websites that are thrown together just for the sole purpose of “SEO” may lose major traction in the future through search engines such as Google. Plus, if you’re site isn’t truly of any value to the viewer, it will become more evident when “Real Value” websites become the more favored sites by many search engines, alike.

Things To Change in 2013:

As far as the web, things are getting a bit competitive (as though it wasn’t already). You need to provide high quality AND massive quantity that is RELEVANT, in order to climb the ranks of the search engines and keep your reader’s attention. But this has always been the case, it’s just that it’s getting harder to stand out on the web.

Here’s a few tips on cleaning up your website and staying up-to-date for 2013:

  • Mobile Site: If you haven’t already, design for Mobile first. People will view your site through a mobile device, so give them a great experience, too!
  • Diversify Your Traffic: Don’t just rely on Google traffic. Find many different sources for your traffic to come from. Like Social Media, other Legit Websites that are similar to yours. Think about diversity, just in case Google pulls another Penguin on you.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization: You must use SEO to stay ahead in the game, as well as other old-school tactics. Remember now, content is King, but SEO is the Queen.
  • Social Media: Still a must-have to survive online! But POSTS and TWEETS are getting cliché, so standing out may prove more difficult with so many “fluff” mediocre posts out there. Connect with Mark Ammay: Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Social Bookmarking: Make sure to allow your visitors to easily share your content, just by giving them access to social bookmarking features. Like a “Share This” button(s).
  • High Quality Content: Ugly websites will be skipped, podcasts with bad audio will be ignored, and crappy YouTube videos will be forgotten.
  • Conquer Your Niche: If you’re very passionate and experienced at what you do, dominate your field! Do everything you can to be the “Master” of what you do best.
  • Everything is Free: Give away your secrets, because I guarantee you someone else is. And they are getting your customers and visitors for that, because they are looked up to as “Masters” of their field.


Here’s What’s Here To Stay:

  • Do-It-Yourselfers: If you want it done right, do it yourself! We are all beginning to do everything ourselves, with the aide of advancing technologies of course.
  • The Cloud: We’ve already accepted the cloud and I’m sure you’ve noticed it with Apple’s Photo Stream, Google Drive, and other cloud services.
  • Mobile: Responsive web design still reigns as mobile continues to saturate the market – and take over. Android phones and iPhones will still battle it out. Windows… sure, it can join too…
  • Mobile Apps: A staple in today’s world, mobile apps are only going to get more popular and easier to make.
  • WordPress: It’s here to say, and has been our friend since day 1.
  • Google Search: Google continues to dominate web search and it’s getting even stronger with it’s previous introduction the “New Search”: the Knowledge Graph
  • Outsourcing: If you have the funds but lack the time, hire people to do your work. It’s acceptable and encouraged. Work smart, not hard.

Do you agree, or have something to add to this list? Please comment and share this article with your friends and family.

– Mark A