why-you-should-learn-how-to-codeI started this podcast so that I could talk about building an online presence, without making you learn how to build a website from scratch or learn how to code. I started to learn more about WordPress and how a CMS system could help you decrease development time, and increase productivity. After all with WordPress, there wasn’t actually any development on your end, as long as you used an existing theme and plugins made by other developers.

That’s the beauty of WordPress, and is an excellent solution for small to medium organizations and individuals. You can have a website up with all the bells and whistles, without the high cost of web development and design. If you don’t believe me, this website that I have here at was put together in a week, and I spent the rest of the time creating content. I technically could have put together this website quicker, but I wanted to do some custom design work as well as custom development for this site. But all I did was:

  1. Installed WordPress using IX Web Hosting’s one-click install
  2. Installed a pre-made Premium Theme from Themeforest
  3. and finally installed all the free plugins.
To learn how to set-up a website, read my
how to build a website using WordPress Guide

After that, I decided to tweak my logo, modify the layout, and then BAM, my site was born. One week. And I thought, if it was this easy to put up a website, and you didn’t really need to know how to code… then why would someone want to learn how to build a website on their own? I mean, this was a CMS system, a Content Management System, which was far more advanced then any website that I’ve made (on my own at least), and since it’s backed by thousands of developers around the globe you have hundreds of excellent plugins to use on your own site.

4 Reasons to Avoid WordPress

Now I love WordPress and all, and I’m not trying to downplay anything, but here’s 4 reasons to avoid WordPress, and build your own website, from scratch!

Reason #1 – Ability to Modify / Fix Code Yourself

Well no matter how great WordPress and other CMS systems are, there will always be a time when you want to do something more then what is given to you. Whether it’s a plugin, or a theme, you’re kinda stuck with what you can find online, unless you knew how to code yourself, or knew someone else. Also, since there are many different developer groups making plugins, if one goes down or stops being developed on, then your plugin could break. You’d either need to fix it somehow or find a new plugin. But it’s not always the best solution to do that, especially if you were highly invested in that one plugin.

Reason #2 – Overkill / Not Needed

The other thing is, not everyone needs or wants a WordPress website. Yes, it’s a great solution for blogging, creating an online web-store, a portfolio website and just an overall great CMS system to use. Multiple people can log in and update the content themselves, removing that gap between a developer and the client. But sometimes you don’t need all that. You don’t need the huge database that WordPress installs for you, and you don’t need a complex login and admin section because you’re not going to be updating your site that much. In fact, maybe at this point WordPress would just get in the way because you’d still need to update your themes, plugins and WorPress itself (or else risk living with security flaws). Oh, and by the way, you’ll still need to secure your WordPress and it’s Database because if someone hacks into your WordPress site they’d have access to your whole server.

Reason #3 – Not Powerful Enough

On the flip side of that, you may be working for, or in a fortune 500 company that needs something way more robust than WordPress. Yes, WordPress really isn’t for a company that needs major customization due to security reasons, or they need to tightly integrate with another piece of software or proprietary system. WordPress is not the end-all, be-all solution.

Reason #4 – To Build Your Own Site

And finally, reason #4 to avoid WordPress is because YOU want to build a website of your own! Out of all 4 reasons, this one can be applied to all others because if you knew how to build your own website, you could:

  1. Modify / fix code yourself
  2. Build a less complex site for clients
  3. Be a part of a team of developers and designers to create a more complex website
  4. Build your own website from scratch

So basically, I’m not saying you should avoid WordPress, but that I encourage you to learn how to code yourself

Learn How To Code –

Now you may have already visited my other website at, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s the other half of this website. Here I talk about the big picture stuff and how to market your existing website, and over there at WebCodeCentral I teach you how to code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript!

One thing I noticed a lot was a growing interest from you guys on learning how to build a website from scratch! Contrary to what I believed, which was that nobody wanted or needed to learn how to code, people were actually interested in making a website from scratch!

You won’t make the next WordPress CMS system overnight or by yourself, but here’s what you can do with the skill of web development:

  1. You can build your own portfolio and show off your web skills for potential employers and recruiters.
  2. You can get a high paying job in the Tech / Dev industry
  3. You can create your own web company and hire other developers and designers
  4. You can become a teacher and show others how to code
  5. You can become a Freelancer and WFH (work from home) at your own time
  6. You can become a leader in the Web Development field and make speeches, presentations and network

Actually the list is endless but what I want to stress here the most is that learning how to code is a gift, a blessing and if nothing else… it’s a fun side thing to do. You don’t even have to be super smart or know how Math really good either.

What Makes Up a Website?

Now the BIG question remains, how do you actually build a website from scratch? Well if you want a step-by-step explanation and intro crourses to developing a website from scratch, visit and subscribe to my website at Here you’ll learn all the ins-and-outs of web development through the eyes of a web developer himself, me, and also get some insight in the industry. You’ll learn the 3 main languages of fron-end web development, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

HTML as the framework

HTML is basically the skeleton, the bone structure, the wooden framework of your website. This is where you begin your website, and start to build it using HTML elements.

CSS as the Interior / Exterior Decorator

CSS is used in your site to make things look pretty and nice. It’s like the makeup, or the dress code for someone, only it’s for your website. Just like clothing, you can change the look of your website in an instant.

JavaScript as the DJ

JavaScript is like the electricity that flows through a house, or like a DJ who brings the party to life. JavaScript can make your site even more interactive.

Just for you, I’ve created a 6 part – Introduction Course to building a website from scratch at

Here’s the 6 different chapters:

Introduction Course Outline:

Here’s what you can find at

 More Resources for Learning How To Code

Now if you’re truly interested in learning more about how to code, you should be looking at more than one website. I know for me, I look at dozens of websites either through a Google search or through my bookmarks. But here’s just a few of my favorite places to go for coding references, and help when it comes to building websites:

  • Lynda Tutorials – Paid but you can get a 7-day trial. Excellent video resources and tutorials.
  • Tuts Plus – Also paid, but well worth it. I have an active account here.
  • Code Academy – Fantastic for “beginners” and teaches you that coding can be fun too.
  • W3 Schools – I just use this as a reference.

Do you have any links to add? Please comment below!